Current Classes:

This Fall (2015) I will be teaching Supplemental Calculus (Math 130), Abstract Algebra I (Math 321), and Foundations of Mathematics (Math 795). Course materials will be available through Blackboard

Previous Classes:

Coastal Carolina:

University of Connecticut:

As a graduate student at UConn, I taught a variety of classes. The following course webpages are copies of those I had on the UConn servers.

Note: course numbers changed to four digits in Fall 2008. The courses are listed by the new course numbers, with old (or original, in most cases) numbers in parentheses.

Discrete textbook

For the last few years I have been developing a free and open source textbook for Discrete Mathematics. Information, as well as the most recent version, can be found on the book's homepage.

Video Examples

I have recently started recording short videos working out example problems. So far, I just have ones on Trigonometry (as that's the class I was teaching the semester I started the project), but I expect to expand on this in the future. All current and future videos are available on my YouTube Channel - Mathematics Exemplified.

Teaching Philosophy

Just in case you are curious, here is my statements on teaching philosophy. I haven't looked at it since I applied for jobs back in 2011, so I suspect my philosophy has changed a bit since then.