School of Mathematical Sciences
University of Northern Colorado
Greeley, CO 80639

Office: Ross 2239-G
Phone: 970-351-2380
Email: oscar.levin@unco.edu

Discrete Textbook

Discrete Mathematics: An Open Introduction is now available to download for free or purchase for cheap. More information about this open source textbook can be found by clicking the link above.


This Spring (2016) I am teaching Supplemental Calculus (Math 130), Discrete Mathematics (Math 228) and Abstrac Algebra II (Math 322). Course materials will be available through Blackboard.

I have begun recording videos in which I work out some example problems. These can be seen on my YouTube channel: Mathematics Exemplified.

Since arriving at UNC, I taught Discrete Mathematics, Modern Geometry I, Abstract Algebra I and II, Calculus I and II and Topics in Calculus, as well as graduate courses in Logic, Graph Theory, Analysis, and Probability and Statistics. I have taught a wide variety of courses at Coastal Carolina University and the University of Connecticut as well. Course websites for most of those classes are available here.


My primary interests lie in effective algebra and combinatorics, computability theory, reverse mathematics, and mathematical logic. Effective algebra endeavors to understand results of algebra and combinatorics from a viewpoint of computability theory. My Ph.D. dissertation concerns the effective content of ordered fields. My thesis, along with some other papers I've worked on, are available on my research page

Mathematical Puzzles

I enjoy using mathematical puzzles in teaching. I have started a collection of the best of these puzzles on what I'm calling the Math Puzzle Wiki. If you are a math teacher looking for a good extra credit problem, or simply a puzzle enthusiast, please check it out. You can even contribute your own puzzles or add to ones already there.